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Consultation of a lymphologist in Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv

  • Qualified lymphological care for patients in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia
  • Treatment of lymphostasis and lymphedema according to the modified CDT method by M. Foeldi
  • Prevention of edematous syndrome after complex treatment
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Pitients feedback
treatment of lymphostasis in ANGIOLIFE

01 Apr 2021
Natalia Maksimenko

Good afternoon! I have lymphostasis of the left hand 2 tbsp. manifested 10 years after the operation (sectoral resection of the mammary gland). After several erysipelas, the hand began to swell and disturb very much. I did not know what to do with it, not a single doctor could (or did not want to?) Help me.
I learned about the AngioLife center from my oncologist and was pleasantly and reassuringly surprised that the center has a lymphologist, the only lymphologist in Zaporozhye – This is Rasul-zade Sonochka Tarielovna. April 2019 underwent a 20-day course of treatment according to the Foeldi method, after the course of treatment, compression stockings were selected.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the lymphologist Sonachka Tarielovna, many thanks for the treatment, professionalism and attentive attitude. Wish you success and new professional achievements.  

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29 Jan 2022

I would like to express my gratitude to the Angiolife Vascular Center. I have lymphostasis of the arm after breast removal in 2016. In October 2018, she underwent a course of treatment according to the Foeldi method by a lymphologist. The hand halved and became the same as healthy, stopped hurting and I forgot what an erysipelas is, now I'm not ashamed to show my hands. And also thanks for the video tutorial on self-massage on your website, now I do it as it should be every day, even 2 times. I am very glad that I came to your center. There was no hope left after the words of oncologists and other doctors who claimed that this was an irreversible process and that no one could help me. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your patients.

04 May 2021

Excellent clinic with a European approach inside and out. They performed the diagnosis of congenital lymphedema and angiodysplasia, after which he immediately underwent a consultation and after 3 days a course of CDT therapy. The procedures themselves were quick and hassle-free. Polite staff, modern equipment, everything you need. I can recommend.

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