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Transillumination Sclerotherapy

Transillumination sclerotherapy in Kyiv and Zaporozhye

Even experienced vascular surgeons face technical difficulties with sclerotherapy: it is often impossible to identify small nourishing veins. However, only these nourishing veins are of paramount importance for the safe and reliable vein sclerosis.


Foreign studies show that in most cases, spider veins are filled from one or more supply branches. Only when they are identified and closed during the procedure can a good long-term result be expected. If the supply veins are not found, then the vascular network will surely reappear.

 veinlite angiolife

The new American device greatly simplifies this task when used properly. Veinlite ™ contains a light source, optical fiber and a special light ring. During treatment, the ring of light is gently pressed against the skin, the emitted light penetrates through the epidermis and is reflected in the deeper layers of the skin. Thus, we get a completely different kind of venous pattern, a complete picture of the problem areas appears.

During the injection, the sclerosant current is clearly visible in the highlighted area, which improves the quality of the procedure.


In the beginning, this new method certainly takes a little longer. With some practice, this device has become a valuable tool for sclerotherapy. We can definitely say that this device in skilled hands helps to more accurately close the nourishing veins and improve long-term results.

Склеротерапия Ангиолайф Днепр 

At the AngioLife Vascular Center, transillumination sclerotherapy is an established, routine procedure and is performed almost daily. Therefore, all patients of our center are satisfied with the result.


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