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Microsclerotherapy in Kyiv and Zaporozhye | Results, reviews, price

Microsclerotherapy is a completely outpatient, almost painless procedure that allows you to cope with vascular asterisks and their supply tributaries - reticular veins.

If you look closely at the spider vein, you will see a very rich palette of colors. Microsclerotherapy allows you to completely eliminate the blue component and make the reddish wreaths less noticeable.


Modern equipment and safe preparations certified in Ukraine make it possible to achieve tangible results in 30-45 minutes and not lose the usual rhythm of life, which is very important in a dynamic world.


The procedure is carried out using special, especially thin needles and syringes with a “gentle” piston stroke. Each injection of the drug is carefully monitored by means of transluminescence and a special instrument for more complete visualization of Syris Scientific V 600, which guarantees a result and painlessness.

syris Angiolife illus_view_v600

Within a few days after microsclerotherapy, there may be a feeling of discomfort in the area of ​​administration of the drug, slight redness and swelling of the skin, which pass from local treatment and anti-inflammatory drugs.


The next step is the replacement of an unhealthy vein with connective tissue. At this moment, the stars look much brighter than before the start of treatment due to the small amount of "frozen" venous blood.

The cosmetic result can be evaluated only 6-8 weeks after the last procedure, when the recovery processes are completed.


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