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Are ugly scars and scars left after the operation to remove varicose veins?

Are scars left after the operation to remove varicose veins?
No, do not stay! Carrying out endovasal laser coagulation (EVLА) or radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of varicose veins, provides for the entire surgical intervention WITHOUT CUTS AND WITHOUT SEAMS, through “small” punctures up to 2 mm., On which no seams are applied! This provides a protocol for endovasal interventions for varicose veins. Therefore, if you are offered an EVLА or RFA procedure with incisions in the groin or under general anesthesia, it’s worth considering whether ARE THE OPERATION PERFORMED IN SUCH A CENTER ??? After all, what is the difference from the “open” classical phlebectomy then? That's right, there is nothing !!! After classical phlebectomy, very often coarse (keloid) scars remain, which in addition to an external defect, for a long time bring great "general" discomfort in the form of numbness of the skin, pain and swelling in the area of ​​cuts and sutures, etc.).


Endovasal surgery (EVLА and RFA) in case of varicose veins is aimed not only at removing varicose veins and normalizing venous outflow, but also at maximizing aesthetic result in the shortest possible time. 1-3 months after laser removal of veins, there are no traces left, neither from varicose veins, nor from punctures.


In the AngioLife Vascular Center, all EVLА and RFA procedures are carried out strictly according to the standards of the leading phlebological centers in Europe, using the most modern equipment in compliance with all manufacturers' protocols.


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