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Treatment of patients from other cities in AngioLife

Treatment of out-of-town patients in AngioLife | Treatment of varicose veins in another city

The AngioLife Vascular Center provides all types of diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients from other cities in Ukraine and neighboring countries. For out-of-town patients, all conditions have been created for quick and comfortable treatment of varicose veins. The treatment takes place during two visits to our center: at the first visit, a consultation, examination, ultrasound duplex scanning of the veins of the lower extremities is carried out, if necessary, the selection of compression stockings and an endovascular treatment plan is prescribed. On the second visit, endovascular intervention takes place, after which patients leave the center on their own 30-40 minutes after the operation.


The main advantages of endovascular techniques in the treatment of varicose veins are: NO ANESTHESIA AND PAIN, NO INSECTIONS AND SEAMS, and most importantly, EARLY ACTTIVIATION AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF PATIENTS. The day after the procedure our patients go to work and lead a full life.


Thanks to the innovative methods of treating varicose veins used in our center, patients do not need hospitalization in a surgical hospital and do not need prolonged bed rest. Modern methods of treating varicose veins have completely replaced the outdated methods of open surgical treatment: classical phlebectomy and crossectomy (Troyanov-Trendelenburg operation with an incision in the groin), performed with serious anesthesia and all "ensuing consequences"".


Prices for diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients from other cities do not differ from the prices for local residents and correspond to the average price category. For the majority of patients there is a system of loyal discounts.


If necessary, 500 meters from the vascular center AngioLife  there is a comfortable hotel (3 stars) with loyal prices for accommodation, where you can stay for 1-2 nights for the period of complex treatment in our center.


Kyiv branch of AngioLife Center is located in the Pechersky district (Novopecherskie Lipki) at st. M. Dragomirova 4B / 14A (the territory of the residential complex "Delmar"), it is easy to get to it, both by public transport and by car (parking is available). After a comprehensive examination or treatment, in a good mood, you will be able to walk around the picturesque area of ​​our capital, drink a cup of aromatic coffee, and relax in the picturesque places of Pechersk.



In Zaporozhye, the AngioLife Vascular Center is located 50 meters from Soborny Avenue, opposite the Children's Regional Hospital, at the address. Dneprovskaya 24. Not far from the vascular center AngioLife is the largest and most picturesque park in the city - "Oak Grove", where you can take a walk after treatment.



Patients from all over Ukraine regularly come to our center for treatment: Lviv, Sumy, Cherkasy, Lutsk, Kharkov, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Rivne, Khmelnitsky, Dnepropetrovsk, Kropyvnytsky, Kherson, Odessa and many other cities of our country.






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