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Is it possible to get rid of varicose veins with compression knitwear?

Compression and varicose veins | Benefit or harm | AngioLife

Medical compression hosiery is an integral part of the comprehensive treatment of varicose veins. At any stage of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), regardless of the cause and age of the patient, compression therapy is indicated. With a properly selected compression knitwear, it is possible to reduce the symptoms of CVI: decrease in severity, fatigue and edema, varicose veins can partially “disappear”. However, to cure varicose veins or completely get rid of varicose veins only with the help of compression hosiery is NOT POSSIBLE. Because, as soon as you remove the medical knitwear, varicose veins will immediately make themselves felt.


It follows. also note that improperly selected compression hosiery can HARM YOUR HEALTH, and the symptoms of varicose veins will only progress. The main mistakes when choosing compression hosiery:

  • compression hosiery cannot be picked up in “ordinary” pharmacies or honey. technicians, without a specially trained specialist
  • the degree of compression of the phlebological knitwear is measured in mmHg, and not in den
  • it is not necessary to choose compression hosiery on your own (without consulting a phlebologist and without ultrasound, this is not possible)
  • take a close look at the choice of compression hosiery company (Medi ® is the leading medical compression hosiery company in Europe, on the products of which multicenter studies on the prevention and treatment of varicose veins were carried out and proved to be effective)
  • elastic bandages - they will never create the necessary degree of compression, therefore prolonged use of elastic bandages is not recommended in order to avoid complications

Only with complex treatment and correctly selected medical knitwear can varicose disease be cured. The AngioLife Vascular Center uses the most advanced types of complex treatment for varicose veins, and phlebologists will be able to professionally select medical knitwear that corresponds to the degree of compression.




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