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Veins ache and pull blood vessels

Veins hurt and vessels pull | ANGIOLIFE Phlebologist's advice

Very often, patients come to us with complaints that their veins hurt, or rather pain in the legs in the projection of the veins (varicose veins, small single varixes, or just in the area of ​​small meshes). The pains are especially aggravated at night in the supine position and in the morning, when the patient gets up, it is necessary to disperse so that the pain decreases.


What's really going on? Can veins hurt?

The answer is simple: - No, and again no. Veins do not hurt, especially small-diameter veins, except for rare exceptions, namely phlebitis or thrombophlebitis.


In most cases, pain in patients is caused by a neurological problem associated with pathology in the lumbar spine or with pinching of the sciatic nerve in the area of ​​the piriformis muscle, but there are also hidden rheumatological problems or unrecognized diseases of the osteoarticular system. But as the patient sees bulging veins on his legs, he "gets" the impression that the pain syndrome is caused precisely by swollen veins, which is a delusion.


Phlebologists of the AngioLife Vascular Center will be able to conduct consultation and duplex scanning of blood vessels at the highest level to exclude serious vascular pathology. If necessary, an additional examination will be prescribed and referred to the necessary specialist for the diagnosis and further treatment of the pain syndrome.

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