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Diagnosis of varicose veins in AngioLife

Diagnosis of varicose veins | Center for the treatment of vascular diseases

Timely and professional diagnosis of varicose veins accelerates treatment and contributes to an excellent aesthetic result for maximum patient satisfaction.
Diagnosis of chronic vein diseases should begin with a detailed analysis of complaints for the most accurate direction of further diagnostic search.


Taking an anamnesis usually takes no longer than an ultrasound examination, because we are treating the patient, not the disease. Already during the conversation, the first thoughts about the nature of complaints appear and a diagnostic search plan is formed.

Clinical examination should take place according to age, if the patient is older than 40 years, we check the arterial pulsation, examine the feet, and ask about the typical symptoms of diabetes. It is hard to imagine how many patients we have directed to the path of health during the years of work.


Ultrasound examination should be carried out in a vertical position so that the veins are filled with blood under the influence of gravity. You must have noticed: just lying down – veins disappear, so the cause of the problem should be looked for under the right conditions. If necessary, a vascular surgeon conducts special functional tests to determine the capacity of valves of superficial and deep veins, but rather an exception to the rules, since the generally accepted "gold" standard for diagnosing varicose veins and other causes of chronic venous insufficiency is duplex ultrasound scanning (USDS).
The purpose of USDS is:

  • establishing the presence of reflux (blood flow in the reverse direction – from top to bottom) along the large and small subcutaneous veins, their tributaries and perforating veins. That is why during the research, our doctors conduct various tests – we ask the patient to tighten his stomach, we squeeze the calf muscles in different places, we squeeze the venous trunks in certain areas.
  • determination of valve insufficiency of deep veins: femoral and popliteal, calf veins.

Such a balanced and careful approach allows you to avoid overdiagnosis, because we treat only those veins that really need a doctor's help

To solve the problems listed above, specialists of the AngioLife center have developed a special sequence of diagnostic measures.



We use the following devices for ultrasound diagnostics:


  • General Electric Logiq E Ultrasound (USA)
  • Esaote MyLab ONE (USA)
  • Mindray Z5 - Color (CHINA)
  • WiFi Ultrasound probes




For a more accurate diagnosis of varicose veins of the lower extremities, only the AngioLife vascular center uses the VeinLite II transilluminator (USA).

veinlite-2  19215a

Only in the AngioLife Vascular Center is the latest visualization system Syris Scientific V 600 used for the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins.

illus_view_v600       syris

Before endovenous procedures, it is difficult to exaggerate the importance of ultrasound examination, because it is actually the eyes of a phlebologist.
To solve the listed tasks, specialists of the AngioLife center have developed a special sequence of diagnostic measures.

It is called AngioLife protocol - a whole set of recommendations for diagnosis and treatment for the shortest path to the health of our patients.





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