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Can I treat varicose veins with pills?

Tablets for varicose | ANGIOLIFE Phlebologist's advice

Of course not. The action of modern phlebotropic drugs is aimed at reducing the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (edema, leg cramps, etc.), the varicose veins will not disappear, but will only increase over time and become even more disturbing. The most effective venotonic agent is Phlebodia (diosmin). In more advanced cases, in the presence of trophic changes, Sulodexide showed high efficiency. With prolonged use, these drugs increase venous tone, strengthen the vein wall, improve lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. However, even with  long-term use of these drugs, there will NOT be a regression of varicose veins. Therefore, we recommend that all patients take venotonics in the complex treatment of varicose veins, for example after sclerotherapy or endovenous laser coagulation (EVLА), after radiofrequency ablation of veins (RFA) and selection of compression knitwear, etc. Only comprehensive treatment will make it possible to get rid of varicose veins and give the desired result.




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