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Treatment of varicose veins where to do | Choosing a clinic Kyiv Zaporozhye

Where to treat varicose veins Kyiv Zaporozhye | How to choose a clinic?

Where to treat varicose veins and how not to make a mistake when choosing a clinic and medical center?


In the 21st century, medicine around the world has received a rapid boost due to the development of innovative technologies, pharmaceuticals, as well as a large number of clinical studies. Each branch of medicine is becoming more specialized and narrowly focused, new classifications, cutting-edge diagnostic methods and non-surgical methods of treating vascular diseases are emerging, which leads to the emergence of new medical specializations: phlebologist (treats veins, lymphologist (treats lymphatic vessels), endovascular surgeon, etc. .


Due to the large amount of information on the Internet, it can be difficult for a patient to choose a clinic for the treatment of varicose veins, while almost every medical center or doctor claims their technique as the best, unique and unique. However, this is not the case!


There are two main approaches to the radical treatment of varicose veins:

  • surgical (phlebectomy, stripping, etc.)
  • non-surgical (thermal and non-thermic methods)

Today the gold standard is treatment of varicose veins worldwide is considered a non-surgical method of thermal ablation, namely EVLA (endovenous laser coagulation). However, there are many other modern techniques: RFA (radio frequency ablation), Bioglue (glue obliteration of veins), Mechanochemical obliteration, various types of sclerotherapy, the CLACS method and others. All of these innovative methods of treating varicose veins are non-surgical, carried out WITHOUT ANESTHESIA and WITHOUT INSECTIONS, provided that they are carried out without violating the methodology. Immediately after such procedures, patients can return to their usual way of life.


Consequently, when you first contact the clinic, specify: what methods of treatment for varicose veins are used in the center? Do the phlebologists of the center have other methods of treating varicose veins? After all, you can write anything on the Internet, but in fact it turns out that you will be offered, under spinal anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia, to remove veins from punctures with an incision in the groin, which is phlebectomy.



So, what points to pay attention to when choosing a clinic for the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities:

  • What direction does the medical center have, is it a highly specialized center, a department (engaged in vascular surgery and phlebology) or a multidisciplinary clinic (“everyone is treated” from panaritium to thrombosis)
  • How many and what methods of treatment of varicose veins are presented in the clinic
  • Which doctors provide treatment, what is the specialization of doctors and what experience in vascular surgery (is this a vascular surgeon or maybe a proctologist)
  • What equipment is used to diagnose varicose veins
  • Does the center have modern equipment for endovenous procedures and what kind of equipment is it (company, country of manufacture)
  • Are there any guarantees for the treatment performed
  • How professional and competent is the staff of the center
  • Are there any clear examples of the results of treatment of varicose veins (photos before and after treatment) and it is desirable that there be many such examples



What points NOT to pay attention to when choosing a medical center for the treatment of varicose veins:

  • How far is the clinic located from you / from your home (since in most cases it is enough to visit the clinic 2 times for a complete treatment)
  • The cost of the initial consultation and diagnosis of varicose veins, as well as the price of treatment (if the initial diagnosis is carried out by an incompetent specialist, the treatment will be carried out incorrectly, and re-treatment of recurrent varicose veins is much more difficult and expensive)
  • How long does it take to wait in line for a consultation and treatment (treatment of vascular diseases is one of the most difficult areas of medicine, so do not rush into it, you can wait a little)


Consult 2-3 specialists, visit at least 2-3 vascular centers. Read reviews on the Internet about the clinic and doctors, preferably on independent sites, social networks. networks and forums (google, youtube, fb, instagram). Be sure to pay attention to the photos of the treatment results, clinics with extensive experience always have visual material in the form of photographs of real patients before and after treatment.



 angiolife_varicose_sclero angiolife_varicose


How does the treatment of varicose veins in ANGIOLIFE® different from others:

  • At the AngioLife Vascular Center, varicose veins are treated vascular surgeons/phlebologists of the highest qualification category in vascular surgery and phlebology with work experience more than 15 years, rightfully one of the best phlebological teams in Ukraine
  • AngioLife presents the most advanced technologies for diagnosing varicose veins (Siemens, General Electric, Esaote ultrasound scanners, Veinlite 2 transilluminators of the venous system, as well as VeinViewer Flex augmented reality systems)
  • All treatment procedures are strictly according Angiolife Venous Protocol according to international standards of treatment with priority on vascular preservation
  • AngioLife uses only non-surgical methods of treating varicose veins (EVLA, RFA, Bioglue, TVGA, 6 types of sclerotherapy , CLACS). All procedures take place without droppers, without anesthesia, without incisions and without pain within 30 minutes
  • AngioLife provides a lifetime guarantee for the treatment performed, and patients are monitored for at least 6 months after the completion of the treatment
  • You can see the results of treatment at AngioLife here.



Always glad to see you at ANGIOLIFE!

ANGIOLIFE® “New life for your blood vessels”


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