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If you make an "open" operation - varicose veins will never appear again. Is it so?

No more varicose veins after vein surgery | Truth or myth
Of course not!

If you were told that an "open" classical phlebectomy is a more reliable operation than endovasal laser coagulation (EVLA) and varicose veins will never appear after it, then you just DIDED! And all because the main goal of the "old and new" methodology is the same - normalization of venous outflow, only here the solutions are radically different! In the classical operation (which is performed under anesthesia), the varicose vein is “pulled out” through the incisions (after which large hematomas and then scars are formed), with laser coagulation, the same vein is “sealed” from the inside through punctures of no more than 2 mm. And if the operation is done qualitatively, then the veins that have been removed / sealed never again will not appear 100%, but if you do not follow the regimen of complex treatment, new varixes will sooner or later appear in new places.


With the development of varicose veins, systemic changes occur in the human body, requiring complex conservative treatment aimed at all pathogenetic links of varicose veins. Therefore, do not self-medicate - contact the AngioLife Vascular Center, where you will undergo a comprehensive comprehensive examination and treatment.


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