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Viktor Pavlychenko MD

Vascular and endovascular surgeon, phlebologist. Active member of AVF and IUA.

  • He received his medical education on the basis of the Zaporozhye State Medical University, from which he graduated with honors. During the years of study, he twice received the title of "scientist of the year", repeatedly participating in all-Ukrainian Olympiads and conferences.

  • He is a laureate of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation's nationwide program Zavtra.UA.

  • Held the position of head of the surgical department of the Ukrainian medical educational platform INgenius, repeatedly evaluated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

  • Surgery Specialization passed and received on the basis of the departments of vascular and endovascular surgery, general surgery, cardiac surgery of the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital.

  • For 3 years he was a researcher at the Department of Hospital Surgery at Zaporozhye State Medical University.

  • Currently an active member of the medical communities: EuropeanSocietyofVascularSurgery(ESVS), AmericanVenousForum(AVF).

Pavlichenko Viktor improves his surgical skills, masters the most modern methods of treating vascular diseases, as evidenced by regular European and domestic internships and trainings:

2016 – Department of General Surgery, Vascular Surgery of the University Hospital of Bialystok (Poland)

2017 – Department of Endovascular Surgery and Angiography, Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease of the Kyiv Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2017 – Department of Oncovascular and Minimally Invasive Surgery of the National Cancer Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2017 – Department of Vascular Surgery and Transplantation, University Hospital Olomouc (Czech Republic)

2018 – master class "Oncovascular surgery" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2018 – Department of Vascular Surgery and Transplantation of the University Hospital of Bialystok (Poland)

2018 – master class "Innovative endovascular techniques" (Munich, Germany)

2018 – master class "Duplex ultrasound scanning of carotid vessels" (Munich, Germany)

2018 – master class "Modern rules for the treatment of chronic ulcers of the lower extremities" (Munich, Germany)

2019 – master class "Non-thermal adhesive obliteration of veins with bioglue VenaSeal" (Munich, Germany)

2020, 2021 – participation in many theoretical trainings and webinars, including: v-WIN foundation Food for Veins – Veins for Food project, Venous Symposium 2020, Expert Venous Management Europe 2020, Canadian Society ofPhlebology – Virtual Congress

2020, AVF Venous Education Series 2020, ANZSVS Virtual Scientific Update 2020, Munich Vascular Conference 2021, PTS & VTE treatment Weeklysolv 2021, The Journey to Knowledge - Superficial and Deep Venous Disease 2021.


Dr. Viktor Pavlichenko continues to engage in scientific activities, in his list of works there are more than 25 scientific articles, in particular, co-authorship in 8 abstracts at European Congresses of Vascular Surgeons (Munich Vascular Conference 2018, 2019 ; Sukharev Readings 2019; Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society 2019; 34th ESVS Annual Meeting 2020). He has repeatedly spoken at Ukrainian and international conferences. He is a co-author of one declarative patent of Ukraine for an invention. Area of ​​interest: innovative diagnostic methods, invasive and non-invasive methods of treating arterial and venous diseases.


Viktor Pavlychenko provides medical services to perfection:

  • ultrasound diagnostics of the vessels of the upper and lower extremities, neck

  • All types of vein sclerotherapy: ultrasound-guided foam (Echo-Foam-FormST), transluminescent microsclerotherapy (Foam-FormST), magnification microsclerotherapy, cryolaser-cryosclerotherapy (CLaCS)

  • thermal endovenous methods of closing the saphenous veins in varicose veins (laser coagulation, radiofrequency ablation)

  • non-thermal endovenous methods of bioadhesive saphenous vein closure (VenaBlock, VariClose, VenaSeal)

  • treatment of atherosclerosis and chronic ischemia of the lower extremities using cell therapy enriched with platelets and plasma vascular growth factors (PRP + VEGF)


The plan and stages of drug treatment will be selected individually:

  • varicose disease of the lower extremities, pelvis

  • lymphostasis and lymphedema

  • Nutcracker Syndrome

  • deep and superficial vein thrombosis

  • post-thrombotic syndrome

  • atherosclerosis of the upper and lower extremities, neck vessels

  • Raynaud's syndrome

  • trophic ulcers of the lower extremities


You can sign up for a consultation with phlebologist Viktor Pavlichenko call:


mob. +38 (066) 717-77-11 (Viber)

mob. +38 (068) 717-77-11 (Telegram)

e-mail: angiolifecenter@gmail.com

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