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Foam-form sclerotherapy

Foam-form sclerotherapy in Kyiv and Zaporozhye | AngioLife®

Foam sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to get rid of varicose veins and telangiectasias. Compared to the classical technique, Foam-from sclerotherapy has several advantages. This is due to the fact that after a micro-puncture in the skin, the foamy form of the sclerosant is injected directly into the varicose vein. The cavity of the varicose vein is instantly filled with vesicles of foam and displaces stagnant blood from the vein, after which the walls of the vein “stick together”. Thus, a “diseased” vein ceases to function, is replaced by connective tissue, and disappears within a few months.

Foam is a mixture of sclerosing agent and air in a ratio of 1 to 4. Quite often, instead of air, biocompatible gases (CO2, etc.) are used to obtain the foam form of the sclerosant, which immediately dissolve in the blood after administration.

The sclerotherapy procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis for 15-20 minutes, and does not leave any cosmetic marks on the skin.

Indications for foam sclerotherapy:

  • telangiectasias (spider veins or reticuli);
  • reticular varicose veins
  • the presence of individual varicose nodes
  • varicose veins of the main veins of the lower extremities.

Склеротерапия в Ангиолайф

The advantages of foam sclerotherapy:

  • the procedure is not expensive and does not require inpatient treatment;
  • sclerotherapy is painless and does not require anesthesia;
  • the duration of the manipulation is an average of 15 minutes;
  • after sclerotherapy there are no scars and scars;
  • no side effects;
  • sclerotherapy is safe for elderly patients and patients with chronic diseases.

After foam sclerotherapy, you should wear elastic compression knitwear daily (up to 3 months on average), and the first day can not be removed even at night.

At AngioLife Vascular Center, Foam-form sclerotherapy is an established, routine procedure and is performed almost daily. Therefore, all patients of our center are satisfied with the result.




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