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Wearing compression hosiery causes muscle atrophy or not?

Wearing compression hosiery causes muscle atrophy or not?

NOT! Compression knitwear is the key to a successful treatment outcome for varicose veins. A large number of clinical studies have proved the high efficiency and safety of compression hosiery for varicose veins. Properly selected medical knitwear helps to improve venous outflow and lymphatic drainage, reduce edema, and reduce symptoms of CVI (severity, fatigue, convulsions, etc.). Wearing compression hosiery prevents the development of the most formidable complications of varicose veins, such as the formation of trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis. Compression hosiery never causes muscle atrophy. However, you should not take lightly to the choice of a compression product, this should be done only by a vascular surgeon or phlebologist. Incorrectly selected compression hosiery can lead to serious complications of an existing disease.


AngioLife Vascular Center specialists have extensive experience in treating diseases of the venous and lymphatic systems using compression hosiery. In our center you can not only purchase the best European medical knitwear at the lowest prices, but also get a full consultation after learning all about your disease, its prevention and treatment.

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