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Sclerotherapy (treatment of veins with injections, vein sclerosis, compression sclerotherapy, etc.) is one of the most effective, non-surgical methods for eliminating varicose veins in the legs. Sclerotherapy has a huge number of advantages over open surgery and provides excellent therapeutic and aesthetic results.

Sclerotherapy does not require hospitalization and bed rest, it is a completely outpatient procedure after which patients leave the medical center on their own. To carry out this procedure, anesthesia and anesthesia are not needed; subject to the methodology of sclerotherapy, it is completely painless.

Sclerotherapy is used both for the removal of telangiectasias (vascular networks), and for sclerotherapy of large varicose veins, up to the main trunk of the large or small saphenous veins. The main types of sclerotherapy are: ECHO-sclerotherapy, Foam-Form sclerotherapy, transillumination sclerotherapy, microsclerotherapy, liquid sclerotherapy and cryosclerotherapy. Only after examining a phlebologist and performing a color duplex scan, the doctor can accurately determine the optimal method of treatment and predict the expected cosmetic effect.

AngioLife phlebologists have many years of experience in all types of sclerotherapy, regularly improve their skills by attending international symposiums and master classes.

Below, all types of sclerotherapy used for varicose veins in the vascular center AngioLife are described in detail.

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