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Do you need to go to a surgical hospital for vein surgery or not?

Do you need to go to a surgical hospital for vein surgery?

No, not necessarily! Endovasal surgery (EVLK or RFA) does not require the patient to be in a surgical hospital, these are outpatient procedures. Thanks to innovative technologies, all EVLK and RFA procedures are WITHOUT ANNESTIC, under local "tumescent" anesthesia, WITHOUT CUTS using special tools and WITHOUT SEAMS through 1-2 mm punctures.

But, if you dare to make a classic phlebectomy, you certainly need to go to a surgical hospital. Since an open operation is performed under general anesthesia (general or spinal), there is always a risk of postoperative complications, therefore conducting such operations on an outpatient basis is extremely dangerous. Also, there is a risk of poor healing of postoperative wounds, as open surgery is performed by incisions and sutures.


Thanks to modern methods of treating varicose veins, AngioLife Vascular Center specialists treat varicose veins of all difficulty levels WITHOUT ANESTHESIA and WITHOUT CUTS using endovasal coagulation and radiofrequency ablation under targeted ultrasound guidance. All treatment takes 1-2 hours in our center, after which you yourself leave us on the day of the operation and always forget about the problem veins.



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