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How to treat varicose veins at home?

Treat varicose veins at home | Phlebologist's advice AngioLife

How to treat varicose veins at home?


 The importance of prevention of varicose veins is on the same level as the importance of treatment of its complications and symptoms.  The disease causes improper functioning of the valves, thinning of the vessel walls, due to which outflow from the bottom to the top becomes a difficult task.  It is mandatory to modify the way of life, including at home.


 That’s how to treat varicose veins at home:


  1. Everyday activity. The main part of prevention is daily activity: the blood in the veins flows correctly only during movement, when we walk, thanks to the work of the muscles.  Thus, it is very important to avoid prolonged static loads when you sit or stand for long periods of time.  Take breaks and change your body position once every 30-45 minutes.  Walk at least 7,000 steps daily.  Cardio activities such as cycling also stimulate venous tone.


  1. Nutrition. Varicose veins are associated with the deterioration of the condition of the veins, so it is necessary to pay attention to proper nutrition, namely to increase the amount of products that are rich in flavonoids: citrus fruits, onions, green tea, sea buckthorn, berries, sweet and cayenne pepper.  Among the supplements, omega-3 and fish oil will be useful.  Also, you should not gain extra weight, because it worsens the flow of blood in the veins.


  1. Gymnastics and massage. When coming home, it is useful to lie in a horizontal position for a while, while it is not necessary to raise the legs above the level of the heart.  Self-massage of the legs from the feet to the hips will also improve drainage and relieve unpleasant symptoms.


 How you should NOT treat varicose veins at home:

  • Any compresses are contraindicated because they are not effective, but can cause complications
  • Ointments and gels have a cooling effect, but they are also not useful in treatment
  • Folk methods can only harm the course of varicose veins.


It is necessary to know that it is impossible to cure varicose veins at home.  All of the above helps to reduce symptoms and delay the development of the disease.  A consultation with a phlebologist / vascular surgeon is a mandatory step.  During the consultation, the doctor will prescribe a complete prevention plan: the type and class of compression stockings, which should also be worn at home, lymphovenotonic drugs, a set of advices from those listed earlier.  In addition, a plan of treatment procedures will be prescribed to get rid of the changed veins, because they can be removed only with the help of surgical techniques.


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