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Overweight and lymphedema

Very often, overweight and edema, like two friends, accompany When the outflow of lymph is disturbed in the body, due to the failure of the lymphatic valves and blood vessels, stagnation occurs, as a result - edema. If the patient is overweight, the subcutaneous fatty tissue compresses the lymphatic vessels and thereby prevents the flow of lymph, which provokes the progress of edema.

Excess weight often worsens the course of concomitant diseases, and puts an additional burden on the lower limbs and the musculoskeletal system of the body



In order to avoid the progression of edema, patients should exclude fatty, fried, salty foods from their diet, stop drinking alcohol and a lot of sweet, bakery products, because all these products retain excess water in the body, and can also lead to weight gain, which will adversely affect the course of the disease. Give preference to vegetables, greens and fruits in your diet (not everyone is allowed to eat grapes, watermelon, melon and banana)


The process of losing weight should only be carried out under the guidance of a competent specialist. A sharp change in weight can also affect the size of compression stockings, because both an excessively small size and a large size will not allow knitwear to perform its function of compression correctly.

Eat right, diet and stay healthy!


For the selection of an individual diet, you can always consult a lymphologist Dr. Rasul-Zade Sonia Tarielovna

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