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Treatment of lymphedema 3 stage

Treatment of lymphedema 3 stage | Vascular Center AngioLife®

Hello! We decided to share the clinical case of treatment of lymphedema in the AngioLife®️ Vascular Center.

In the summer, a 48-year-old young patient came to us, who several years ago underwent a large, abdominal surgery for cancer of the uterus. In the postoperative period, a course of radiation and chemotherapy was performed. Cancer was defeated, but ...

Literally immediately after the oncological operation, the patient began to notice swelling of the right lower limb. The patient began to consult with related specialists, but most of the doctors "shrugged" and said: in your case this can not be avoided, unfortunately "this" is not treated ...

Leg volume increased every day, complications appeared in the form of erysipelas, which recurred during the year.
Skin lesions appeared in the form of ulcers, which were accompanied by lymphorrhea (leakage of yellow fluid). The body temperature periodically reached 40C, hellish pains were confined to bed and every day the leg became larger.

Because of the hopelessness and ineffectiveness of the prescribed treatment, the patient twice turned to the program “I am breaking my body” on STB, but alas, the specialists did not take up her treatment.

In June, the patient turned to the Angiolife vascular center. Where, after a comprehensive examination, the diagnosis was made: Secondary lymphedema of the right lower limb, 3 tbsp. by M. Foeldi. Complicated by frequent erysipelas of the right lower limb, trophic skin changes (hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis), lymphorrhea ...

A comprehensive treatment was carried out using the modified technique of CFT (Complete Decongestive Therapy) for 20 days.

Thanks to the coordinated and hard work of the team of lymphologists of the AngioLife vascular center under the leadership of Rasulzade, Sona Tarielovna, it was possible to achieve positive treatment results.
The result can be evaluated in the photo.

Слоновость Ангиолайф

Soon the patient will undergo the second course of complex physical decongestion therapy.

  • Foot size decreased by 9cm.
  • Ankle size decreased 19 cm.
  • The size of the lower leg decreased by 25.5 cm.
  • Hip size decreased 26 cm.

To date, AngioLife is the only medical institution in Ukraine that uses the CFT technique (CDT) for the treatment of lymphostasis and lymphedema at any stage.

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