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AngioLife at the Congress of Vascular Surgeons and Phlebologists "Sukharev readings 2023"

The ANGIOLIFE team presented 6 scientific reports and held a practical master class

The entire team of the ANGIOLIFE Vascular Center took part in the Congress of Vascular Surgeons, Phlebologists and Angiologists "Sukharev Readings 2023", which was held in the bright city of Vinnytsia from October 11 to 13.

This event annually brings together colleagues from all over Ukraine, as well as a large number of world-renowned foreign specialists who were involved in the online format. The participants had the opportunity to ask questions to such friends of Ukraine as Uldis Maurins and his colleagues, prof. Peter Glowiczki, Mark Whiteley, Rachel Morris, Oskar Bottoni and many others.

angiolife_team gubka_voloshyn_suzdalenko_angiolife

Viktor Gubka presented the results of the treatment of the most difficult patients with venous insufficiency and demonstrated the advantages of early interventions.

Oleksandr Voloshyn demonstrated a clinical case of subcutaneous vein recanalization after non-thermal ablation and a non-surgical way to solve the problem.

Oleksandr Suzdalenko showed the difference between lipedema and lymphedema and caused a lively discussion in the hall.

Serhiy Machuskyi presented several clinical cases of rare complications after sclerotherapy, and ways to eliminate them.

Viktor Pavlychenko presented a comparison of the most modern method of treating vascular meshes - the CLACS method.

Rasul Zadeh Sona demonstrated the results of CDT in patients with severe forms of lymphedema.

Special thanks to the organizers of the conference, Larisa Mykhailivna Chernusa, Pavel Ivanovich Nikulnikov, Khrebtiy Yaroslav Vitaliyovych and their entire team.

Many doctors took part in excellent master classes on sclerotherapy and CLACS, thanks to Gerasimov V.V. and S.P. Shchukin, RHO AND EVLK, we thank O.V. Sokolov. , and V.V. Shaprinskyi for sharing their valuable experience.

Oleksandr Voloshyn conducted a master class on microsclerotherapy, where he demonstrated ANGIOLIFE PROTOCOL in the treatment of C1 (the smallest vessels), which was attended by a large number of participants.

All funds and contributions after the workshops were immediately transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We thank the organizers for such a wonderful opportunity and look forward to the next conferences.


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