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BIOGLUE Zaporozhye

BIOGLUE in the treatment of varicose veins is already in Zaporozhye | AngioLife®

For the first time in Zaporozhye, Angiolife vascular surgeons performed 4 successful endovenous procedures using the VenaBLOCK system.
This is a revolutionary technique for non-thermal effects on the wall of a "diseased" vein.

Why VenaBlock is one of the best methods for treating varicose veins:

  • the procedure lasts only 5-7 minutes on an outpatient basis (a photo of what an occluded vein looks like right away, we attached it)
  • complete safety - bio-adhesive consists of hypoallergenic components and does not cause adverse reactions
  • the procedure is painless, so there is no need for anesthesia and pain medication
  • no need to wear compression hosiery (especially useful for older patients with arterial diseases)
  • lack of bruises, cuts and punctures on the skin
  • lack of a rehabilitation period and limitations in physical activity


The Venablock technique is only a few years old, but now we can say that this is the future, which opens up new possibilities in the treatment of varicose veins.

Do not be afraid of treatment, it is painless and fantastically fast. You should not think that in your case it will no longer help, we treat any even the most neglected case successfully and without surgery.

We are waiting for everyone to consult in AngioLife to choose the most optimal, non-surgical treatment method.


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