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2023 is a difficult and important year for every Ukrainian

2023 is a difficult and important year for every Ukrainian.
During this year, the ANGIOLIFE team:

  • 8,000 patients were consulted
  • 1,800 medical procedures were performed
  • 192 military personnel and 210 IDPs were treated
  • About 0.5 tons of medicines were distributed as humanitarian aid
  • 5 new methods of vascular diagnostics and treatment were introduced
  • all jobs are saved and even new directions are opened

Scientific achievements of ANGIOLIFE were presented at 6 vascular congresses with international participation
4 practical master classes for doctors were held
11 scientific articles were published.

We sincerely congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year 2024! We wish everyone strong and healthy vessels!
Let this year become a year of steel resistance, Cossack courage and Victory


Weekends in ANGIOLIFE from December 30, 2023. until January 3, 2024

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