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The mechanism of action of compression hosiery

How Compression Stockings Work | Medi Sigvaris

The main mechanisms of action of compression knitwear:

  • Therapeutic compression of the muscles of the lower leg, thigh and perforating veins (veins connecting the saphenous and deep veins) of the lower extremities contributes to a multiple increase in venous outflow, and also positively affects the muscular-venous “pump”, thereby reducing pathological venous congestion
  • Wearing compression hosiery daily helps to increase tissue pressure by increasing the absorption of extracellular fluid in the veins and decreasing its filtration in the arteries, which contributes to a rapid decrease in lymph venous edema.
  • Constant compression therapy leads to an improvement in the operation of intravenous valves, as well as a decrease in the caliber of the functioning subcutaneous and deep veins, which significantly improves the speed of the venous outflow
  • Compression therapy stimulates the production of tissue plasminogen activator thereby increasing fibrinolytic activity, which positively affects the rheological properties of blood (this is largely due to normal contractility of the leg muscles in a limited space in stockings)
  • Significantly increases the rate of lymphatic drainage

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