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How to put on compression stockings correctly

How to wear stockings for varicose veins and thrombosis | Step by step instruction Video tutorial

How to wear compression products with a closed toe (closed fingers)? Step-by-step instruction:


  1. Turn the compression stocking inside out to the heel zone, which is worn on the foot
  2. Put the stocking on the foot to the level of the “heel” (the heel zone must exactly match)
  3. Gradually, without twisting, put on the stocking over the whole leg (screwing the stocking inward)
  4. Make sure that the compression hosiery is not creased and does not cause excessive pressure.





How to wear compression stockings with open fingers (open toe)? Step-by-step instruction:


  1. Put on your foot a special̆ “silk” sock, which facilitates slipping of the stocking (silk sock “goes” complete with knitwear)
  2. Turn the stocking inside out to the level of the heel area and put it on over the silk sock
  3. Gradually, without twisting, put on a compression stocking along the entire length of the leg
  4. Pay special attention to the correct location of the heel area.
  5. Remove the "silk" sock, pulling it forward
  6. Stretch the stocking on the front подош and plantar̆ of the foot so that it is at the base of the fingers
  7. Make sure that the stocking is not creased and does not cause excessive pressure.
  8. Do not overstretch the stocking up, if necessary, lower the product down to the level of "seeds" and then gradually straighten up.


If it is difficult for you to wear compression stockings, we recommend using the special Butler medi device. “BATLER firm of Medi” significantly speeds up the process of dressing compression products (stockings, tights, golfs, sleeves, etc.), significantly save your time and valuable time.


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