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Skin care for lymphostasis

How to care for the skin with edema and lymphostasis | Advice from a lymphologist ANGIOLIFE®

Patients with lymphostasis need to attach great importance to skin care of the affected limb, because the quality of the protective function of the skin directly depends on this


What should be done to maintain it?


It is recommended to moisturize the skin at least 2 times a day, as a rule, it is dehydrated.

Do not expose to overheating, use sunscreen in open sunlight, also avoid hypothermia

When working with household chemicals or aggressive substances, be sure to wear thick rubber gloves.

If you suddenly get injured or bitten by an insect, pricked on a plant - treat the wound as quickly as possible with a non-alcoholic antiseptic (chlorhexide) and keep it clean, apply a non-sterile bandage and change it regularly throughout the day, the wound should be treated until it is completely healed.

Physical exertion on the affected limb should be avoided, do not measure pressure, do not wear weights.

Minimize trauma to the limb, do not inject on it, give preference to hardware manicure and pedicure, for problematic feet, visit a podiatrist (a chronic infection becomes more aggressive over time and more difficult to treat)


For depilation, give preference to laser or wax depilation, photo depilation and shugaring. Shaving and depilatory creams are not safe methods of hair removal.

Wash in time and pay attention to whether the jersey sits on you correctly, whether it gathers in folds, as they often lead to the formation of constrictions and abrasions.

Also prefer clothes that do not cut into the skin of the injured limb or clothes that are too tight, preferably made from natural fabrics.

Pay due attention to your skin and be healthy!



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