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Lymphostasis and lymphedema of the legs - self-massage video tutorial

Lymphostasis video tutorial on self-massage | Massage for edema | AngioLife advice from a lymphologist

Lymphedema (lymphostasis) of the legs is a chronic progressive disease that occurs in connection with impaired lymph flow. The causes of lymphedema and impaired lymph flow are:

  • tumors of the pelvic organs
  • surgical treatment of cancer of the body of the uterus, cervix, appendages, prostate, bladder, and rectum
  • radiation and chemotherapy
  • varicose disease of the lower extremities
  • lower limb surgery
  • injuries, bruises, fractures
  • diabetes
  • congenital pathology of the lymphatic system
  • trepan biopsy of the inguinal lymph nodes with suspected diseases such as lymphogranulomatosis, lymphoma, tumor metastasis, etc.

Regardless of the causes of lymphedema, it leads to the accumulation of a large amount of intercellular fluid (lymph) in the tissues and thereby leads to an increase in the volume of the limb. There are also changes in the structure and functioning of cells and tissues. In addition, metabolic disorders occur in the body due to a violation of the transport, immune and absorbing functions of the lymphatic system

The only effective treatment for lymphedema today is CDT or CFTT therapy. More details here

After undergoing a course of CDT treatment at the Angiolife Vascular Center, our specialists will teach you to conduct self-massage on your own at home, which will favorably influence the lymphatic flow and normalize the lymphatic system after complex physical decongestant therapy for leg lymphedema.

The results of the treatment of leg lymphedema according to the CPFT technique can be found here.

You will also be taught the rules of skin care, since lymphedema causes irreversible changes in the skin and subcutaneous fat, and there is a risk of serious complications in the form of erysipelas, trophic changes in the skin, hyperkeratosis, papillomatous growths on the skin, ulcers, and lymphorrhea.

Regardless of the reasons due to which lymphedema occurs, each patient should be familiar with the possible risks in order to prevent their occurrence.

Watch our video lesson on self-massage of legs, it can be done with lymphedema of the legs of any etiology. The only contraindication is acute conditions accompanied by fever, including erysipelas


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