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Lymphedema and sports

Lymphedema and sports


After treatment, patients with lymphedema are advised to adhere to certain rules, which include mandatory physical activity and exercise.


Sports activities that are accompanied by muscle tension, in tandem with compression underwear, create additional pressure on the lymphangions, which causes them to contract more often and help accelerate lymph circulation.


The allowed sports include: Nordic walking, swimming, therapeutic gymnastics is also considered very useful. The main rule of any physical exercise, with this pathology, is the categorical exclusion of heavy loads and professional sports.

Classes and exercises can be carried out only in a compression product, (with the exception of the pool) at least 2 compression classes.


Therapeutic exercises can be performed at home according to the instructions. Its advantage lies in the patient’s self-fulfillment, without additional visits to the doctor. It is important that the correct implementation, otherwise you can not only not support the result already achieved, but also exacerbate the situation.


With many diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and lymphatic system, exercises in the pool are indicated. Thanks to the support of water, the human body does not overstrain and the load is distributed evenly throughout the body, this positively affects the functioning of the lymphatic vessels.

Nordic walking is also a very common sport, due to its simple execution technique and a small list of contraindications. It is extremely useful for lymphedema of the limbs.


Running, cycling, fitness, aerobics, dancing, athletics and weight lifting are contraindicated, as they are considered heavy loads on the human body, which leads to a rush of blood into the affected limb, and ultimately to an increase in edema.



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