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Treatment of lymphostasis and edema - CDT

Treatment of leg lymphostasis using CDT | Guaranteed results in 20 days

The treatment of lymphostasis is a rather painstaking and thorough process that requires discipline and lifestyle modification from the patient. It is very important that the patient himself realizes how important an integrated approach in the treatment of the disease and adherence to the doctor's recommendations in achieving a positive result.


In the treatment of lymphostasis, it is important to follow a special diet, which is to limit sodium chloride, high-carb foods, and alcohol.


An important aspect is the normalization of body weight, while not only lymph circulation and venous outflow from the lower extremities are improved, but also the functioning of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system as a whole.


The consumption of a sufficient amount of fluid, as well as maintaining water balance, maintaining an active lifestyle, physical activity during the day, can significantly reduce the delay of "excess" fluid in the human body.

диета вода Лимфодренаж Ангиолайф

Lymphatic drainage (manual) massage is a special type of massage that allows you to “drain” tissue fluid into the lymphatic vessels, relieve fatigue, and get rid of the feeling of heaviness and fullness in the limbs.


Watch the VIDEO LESSON on self-massage of lymphedema of the hand after a mastectomy


Pneumolymphopressing (pneumomassage) is a treatment method in which a limb is placed in special cuffs. The latter inflate with air starting from the fingertips and moving up the limb exert a metered pressure, facilitating the transfer of excess lymph from the interstitial space to the lymphatic vessels, and then into the venous bed.


Bandaging is a technique aimed at reducing lymphatic edema with the help of special bandage bandages of high density and extensibility. By dragging a limb with the right pressure, creating an individual bandage, it is possible to compensate for lymphatic insufficiency.


Лечение отеков бандажирование при лимфедеме Ангиолайф трикотаж


Therapeutic gymnastics and physical education are a very important component of the complex treatment of lymphastasis. AngioLife Vascular Center specialists will teach you special exercises that will help get rid of swelling and pasty in the limbs. Performing therapeutic exercises is recommended every day until the desired result is achieved, then it is possible to perform every other day.


The selection and wearing of compression hosiery is one of the most important principles of the modern treatment of lymphedema. The specialists of the compression hosiery salon will select the compression hosiery for the upper or lower extremities that is right for you, take into account the anatomical features of the limbs and the severity of edema, tell, show and teach you how to wear compression products and care for them.


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