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Treatment of lymphostasis (lymphedema) in Ukraine

Treatment of lymphostasis (lymphedema) in Ukraine | AngioLife®

Every second woman who has won breast cancer is faced with such a formidable disease as postmastectomy lymphostasis or lymphedema. Unfortunately, patients with lymphedema are "not needed by anyone" and are treated by non-specialized specialists for a long time.


Why does lymphedema of the hand occur?


One of the stages of mastectomy surgery is the removal of axillary lymph nodes, as the closest foci of metastasis of cancer cells. During the operation, lymphatic vessels are damaged, which in turn causes impaired transport of lymphatic fluid.

An important factor in the development of hand swelling is radiation therapy, acting on the lymphatic system, X-rays cause sclerosis of "healthy" lymphatic vessels. As a result, due to impaired lymph formation and lymphatic drainage, in women the upper limb gradually increases in volume, and this is like a time bomb, imperceptibly, every day, the edema becomes larger.


Today, the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) method is the gold standard for treating lymphedema worldwide. It is a highly effective, non-surgical method for complex anti-edematous physical therapy (CFT) using the M. Foeldi method.


The treatment of lymphostasis in AngioLife according to the Foeldi technique takes place over a 20-day course and includes the following activities:

  • Development of a special diet to normalize the patient’s body weight
  • Lifestyle Modification and Metabolism Normalization
  • Manual lymphatic drainage by a doctor lymphologist
  • Compression banding of the affected limb
  • Intermittent Compression Pneumomassage
  • Selection and wearing of special compression hosiery
  • Therapeutic exercise and gymnastics complex
  • Special skin care for the affected limb
  • Conservative treatment

To date, AngioLife is the only medical institution in Ukraine that uses the KFPT technique for the treatment of lymphostasis at any stage.


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