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Neurologist's consultation Zaporozhye | AngioLife®

A neurologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the nervous system that arise due to various reasons.


Common disorders of the nervous system at a young and middle age include vegetative-vascular disorders, manifested both at the central and peripheral levels. Their symptoms may include: headaches and muscular-articular pains of various localization, as well as increased fatigue, insomnia, irritability and decreased performance.


Common diseases of the nervous system in the elderly and senile age are neurocognitive disorders. This is a decrease in memory, concentration, attention to spatial orientation, the ability to maintain a conversation and quickly make important decisions. The presence of neurocognitive disorders leads to problems in professional and social life. In addition, neurocognitive disorders make it difficult to communicate and understand with close people, disrupt everyday life and lower the quality of life. The leading causes of neurocognitive disorders are Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease.


In the Angiolife Vascular Center, along with the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, a qualified neurologist:

  • conducts a comprehensive clinical, neurological and neuropsychological examination;
  • interprets the results of laboratory tests, ultrasound methods for studying cerebral vessels and computer diagnostics of the brain and spinal cord;
  • reveals vegetative-vascular and pain disorders, neurocognitive disorders of Alzheimer's and vascular nature;
  • selects individual drug treatment regimens;
  • recommends non-drug cognitive rehabilitation programs aimed at improving memory and concentration

It is important to know that fatigue and overwork at work, frequent stresses, negative emotions, accompanied by the development of depression and anxiety lead to a decrease in cognitive functions, regardless of age!



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