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Compression products (stockings, stockings, sleeves, pantyhose, etc.) Copper is certified by the most authoritative world protocols, which guarantees impeccable quality and positive treatment effect.


The certificate of quality of medical compression products RAL-GZ 387 is the most stringent standard in Europe. The RAL certificate includes: a detailed description of all the properties of the fabric from which the knitwear is made, the degree of compression, the elasticity of the compaction product, the elasticity of the material, special requirements for storage, packaging, which is confirmed by special marking, etc.


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All Mediven compression products are subject to several levels of quality control using the unique HOSY system. The therapeutic degree of compression specified by the manufacturer does not lose its properties for 5-6 months with regular "wear" of Medi products. There are simply no analogues to the compression jersey of Medi.


The safety and environmental standard Eco-Tex Standrd 100.

The quality certificates DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and DIN EN 13485 include the strictest recommendations for European companies manufacturing medical compression products.

CE certificate is the main standard of the Directive 93/42 / EEC in Europe and the Regulation on Medicinal Products in Germany.

Compression products made by Medi have undergone a number of large multicenter studies, which proved the high efficiency of the latter.




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