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Compression knitwear MEDI COMFORT

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The lineup:

-knee socks



hipster tights

Sizes 1-7


Softness and comfort are the basis of the compression products of the German company MEDI, presented in the COMFORT range.

The medical effectiveness, practicality and softness of COMFORT products provide an impeccable therapeutic result, a beautiful aesthetic appearance and ease of use throughout the day.

The entire model range is represented by 1 and 2 compression classes with closed and open toes. A variety of colors, a wide selection of lace and regular elastic bands on a silicone basis, makes it possible to maintain the attractiveness and health of your legs.

Strengthening the toe and heel areas, betrays products and extends the wearing time.

A very important point is that MEDI does not use LATEX in its products, which makes it possible to avoid various allergic reactions. All compression hosiery is treated with lanolin, which protects the skin.


A successful combination of many years of experience in the production of compression hosiery and consumer requirements, embodies the highest quality and medical results in its products, the breathable Clima Comfort technology maintains a favorable water-temperature balance of the skin at any time of the year, and the introduction of silver ions in the threads prevents the formation of an unpleasant odor thanks to antibacterial action.


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