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Compression stockings MEDI PLUS

Stockings stockings tights Medi PLUS for men and women | Low prices, reviews

 The lineup:

  • knee-high socks with a wide elastic band that holds firmly
  • stockings
  • Velcro-fastened stockings hold the outer thigh securely
  • tights
  • low rise pantyhose
  • pantyhose for pregnant women
  • tights for men
  • size variations from 1 to 7

Elastic, opaque, easily combines softness, strength, reliability of stocking, PLUS range of the German company MEDIVEN, presents us with the widest selection of products that are popular among men and women, especially in autumn and winter.

The entire range is represented by 1, 2 and 3 compression classes, ideal for everyday wear.


Based on the most stringent European standards for medical devices, MEDI produces the entire range of stockings, it does not irritate even sensitive skin, creating comfort at the highest level, while maintaining convenience during daily use, thanks to the innovative CLIMA COMFORT knitting technology, and the supernova breathable CLIMA FRESH structure guarantees freshness of the skin.

Creating the right compression increases the speed of the outflow of venous blood and lymph, which prevents the formation of edema.

The correct size is selected, only with the help of a specialist.

Due to the opaque structure of the tissue, all undesirable moments of varicose veins, such as capillary nets and dilated veins, are easily hidden.


Standard colors: caramel, beige, black.

The “Y-shaped” heel part is strengthened, and the corrugated part on the sole prevents slipping in shoes.


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