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Compression products Duomed Medi

Compression and elastic products of Medi Duomed is the most economical option in solving problems associated with diseases of the veins of the lower extremities. Duomed stockings, knee-high stockings and tights combine a good ratio of the concept of “price / quality”, while being very convenient and comfortable for daily wear, as well as being characterized by high therapeutic effectiveness. Compression products of Medi Duomed have a unique practical design, with the strengthening of the “sock” and the heel zone, the presence of an ultramodern Clima Fresh system (antibacterial protection), due to which there is no unpleasant odor. Medi Duomed stockings and knee-high stockings are available with open and closed toes, primary colors: black, beige and flesh.

Types of Duomed compression products:

  • Knee socks
  • Standard stockings under the belt
  • Silicone wide stocking
  • Comfortable waist stocking
  • Maternity Tight

Order and buy Medi Duomed compression hosiery at the lowest prices:

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