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How to choose compression stockings

Which knitwear is best for varicose veins | Stockings, stockings, tights, sleeves for thrombosis

Our patients often ask: which compression hosiery is better? Stockings, knee-highs, or maybe tights?

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that stockings or tights are definitely better, because they just close all the varicose veins on the legs.

The logic is clear, but absolutely wrong. Let's figure it out.

Compression hosiery does NOT act directly on the saphenous veins. Its work is aimed at activating the work of the leg muscles, thereby improving the efficiency of their contraction, activating the venous pump and accelerating the outflow of blood through the deep veins. That is why the jersey must be taken off at night, because during sleep the muscles rest, therefore, there is no effect.

And what happens at this moment with the saphenous veins, because they are visible, because of them the patient came to the doctor? It's simple: as soon as the pressure in the deep veins decreases, the excess load on the subcutaneous system will go away, but the local compression of the veins by knitwear has nothing to do with it.

The main elements of the venous pump are located in the calf muscles, so there is no difference in efficiency between golfs, stockings and tights.

So what should you choose? The answer is simple: choose the jersey that suits your style of clothing! If the usual clothes are trousers, socks are ideal. Stockings and tights will look good with a skirt or dress. There is a special sports series for working out in the gym that will not knock you out of the general style of clothing.




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